My art


My interactive installations make the viewer a part of the experience. As a general hacker type, whenever I get my hands on a new piece of technology, I try to see what can I make of it. I’ve grown fond of Raspberry Pis, Arduinos and other processors that can be embedded to the works. With different kinds of sensors and internet connectivity, there’s a world of possibilities for larger-scale interactivity.


My journey to digital arts started at the age of 13 with Adobe Photoshop and grew into many things during the years. Nowadays I do 3D rendering, shader coding, plain old digital drawing, video editing and many other types of digital arts. I try to combine different technologies to my art works.

Video projections

I’m one of the founding members of a Finnish electronic music event collective Aamu. We’ve made all sorts of underground events in bars, forests, abandoned factories and clubhouses. From the beginning, I’ve had my hands on the stage design, projection surfaces and special decorations in our parties. I’ve also done freelance VJ & projection mapping work for other festivals and events.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
-Clarke’s third law

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke (1917 – 2008)

My latest works:


A thought-sensing magical sculpture that senses the viewers wishes and shows them the colors of their mind. Three dark wooden water-cut hexagons, 447 LEDs, four Raspberry Pis, Arduino, some rumble motors and temperature, humidity and conductivity sensors. And a touch reactive fluorescent orange deer’s skull.

Doomsday Clock

A ticking room-sized hub of information, updating in real time. Continuously reading and analyzing the latest big news in the world, the clock shows how positive or negative the discourse is currently. Features history graphs for several timelines, current “feeling” of the world, constantly updating word clouds of the most used words in certain categories and a clock face with hands for different metrics. Ominous and looming at worst, chilled and relaxing at best, this installation is interactive – but on a global scale.